Thursday, January 29, 2009

asatyameva jayate!

Today I experienced one of the saddest things I could ever think of. I don’t want to take the names of the people involved. It feels like shit now. I've no words to describe this but the word very close to this is cognitive dissonance. I strongly believed something but it proved to be wrong today.

I was accused of lying and cheating by a person, whose status I really revered all these days.
At that moment, I was so shocked that my throat totally dried out, I couldn’t speak a word when the person so blatantly lied saying that I cheated. Now I've lost all the trust I have on the person and the people of his status. People can go to any extent to cover up their mistakes.

Lost hope in the system as well!


  1. reach a state of consanance soon bro..

    dunno abt the incident.. but keep the faith in life and move on... jump the hurdles..

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  3. hmm sounds as if you wanted to share bit more about whatever you went through, but the intensity of the hurt you got from the situation is simply not the "expressible" kinds..yeah?I dont know yu brother..but i can surely say that you dont have to SHOW yourself HONEST if you really are HONEST...seems a bit impractical..but please do belive me..SHOWING may not be BEING..and BEING can never be SHOWING..(UNDERLINE:))
    lastly "Hurt is not something you get from SOMEONE,it is something you get, when you recieved that thing WRONGLY from someone"
    ..your best frnds..ur loved ones,,your old pals..your family ..and you as a person need no proofs for your is just that sometimes we FEAR of being shown as bad to the SOCIETY...:) all the best

  4. @Narendra
    I somehow missed your comment..
    thanks a lot buddy


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