Friday, January 23, 2009

Nth order free-riding by Prof

Today we had an exam on 'hrm' which had 2 parts in it.
The part-A was an open book and part-B a closed book exam. 

As a normal practice we are given loads of material for every course before a term starts.
So there is this blue color huge book, which is a xerox copy of some cases and learnings. The print in the book looks so poor that it is an absolute turn-off. I bet none would have cared to open the book.

SO while we were writing our exam, the Prof who taught us the Part-B portion came to the exam centre and warned everyone that none should have this book while writing the exam and if someone having it on the desk the paper would be confiscated.

All those who cared to get the book deposited it. The part B had just one problem which was for 50 marks :O. 

Later after the exam the Prof mailed to everyone saying that the 50 mark problem was lifted straight from the blue color book ...
.., with all smileys ..he says it was to check whether we cared to go through our books..

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