Friday, January 09, 2009

asatyam visham scandalam

Huh! Satyam has spammed the front pages of all the news papers.
TV channels have got an interesting topic to dig in and blabber about for the coming days till some terrorist attack by Pakistan.
We've been reading case studies on Enron and its accounting malpractices. And everytime I used think it is so boring to read cases which happened abroad, Now we have our own case study which will be part of course curriculum in Bschools world wide.
Going through the recent developments on this it is quite evident that Satyam will soon become a history.
I seriously pity all those people who invested the other day in Satyam looking at the stock price at mouth watering price of 40... they would be kicking themselves for their greed. It touched 6.5/- during the day.

One of my friends put up a status message about infy on his gtalk, which I didnt like.
"Not right on Infy's part to pass statements like."

This was on Infy's stance over not hiring Satyamites.. The following is the argument.

me:  may be infy is doing its part right for satyam...
 vinod:  s
 me:  wats ur comment on that??
 vinod:  as a satyamite... i feel infy shd have not made this statement
 me:  from raju's point of view... this wld be a right thing.
 vinod:  murthy paina resepct pouyinidi naku
silent ga ndadam btr
 me:  huh! such a terrific statement.. i think infy in a way is tryin to help satyam..
 vinod:  instead of pasing statements
bull shit
as a outsider u can suppoert by saying so
we wont ascribe to his sttaments
 me:  arey.. infy wld never like to go to media and make a statement.. its the bloody media which blows up things ..and pass these kind of exaggerated statement...
ok just think this way... satyam wants his employees to support it now..
 vinod:  watever..... tha t shd b prooved
covering kosam  aa reason istharu
 me:  now..if another company takes this as an advantage and poaches it good employees...wat will happen to satyam.
so..infy took a moral not hiring anyone
 vinod:  see chepdaiki ways untay.. memu evarni teesukom as we have plenty of resources ante chau
kani we wont talke satyamites phone call anadam wrong
 me:  they didnt say satyam people are unethical so we dont take ani..arey just think in recession time..when companies r tryin to cut down resources will any one think of hiring.. it is media which put up the statement that way...why dont u wants people to think like u
 vinod:  letseee
let them clarify tomorow if they have really said so or not
 me:  arey infy will not bother to ra... media s running behind people for statements..when theey get something..they selectively pick up words to make it sensation..create some turbulance anthey..
 vinod:  see intha jarigithey clarification lekapote ilane continue avutundi
things wont change
ppl dont understand
thats for sure
 me:  arey nuvvu nenu clarification kavali anukunna..avadu ra..we are just reading wat media wants us to..
vinod:  ade antunna
adi lekapote ilane continue avutundi
ppl ide namutaru
 me:  see infy has really great people..who think ethically and I believe they think better than u and they wont make anything which sounds immoral..if we read something of that kind..first we shld doubt the credibility of media..
 vinod:  antha ledu
100000 ppl mandi andaru ethicalaa akkada
oka case chusava
valla sdantlo kuda ekkado 60 fictitious ppl unnatu billing chesaranta UK lo
is that right
annnintlo andaru edo chestaru
 me:  arey... the 100000 r not the decision talking abt key people..antey u mean to say the 53000 in satyam are all unethical...if that is..then this will also
 vinod:  chinnadi peddadi anhte teda
indialo ee politician ki luncham ivvakunda company intha pedda chesadu
india lo is it possibele no way
 me:  sare ra... inka ila generalize chesthey anni some way r other we have to live with it..
 vinod:  ade antunna
sweeping statements cheyalsina avasaram ledu as if they are right
slence is best reaction
evaru emi anuoru
Oracle infact positive ga statement ichindi employees kosam
common sense undali
oracle kuda employees kosame matladadu
 me:  as long as someone gets caught he is ethical... arey u r again back to sqaure telling..its a modified statemennt by media...just imagine.. media wld have asked them... are u hiring the satyam people..they wld have said no we are not hiring any satyam ppl..infact not media can play around with that one line anyway..
may be oracle needed ppl wld have made... actually oracle is posing a threat to satyam its goin to poach/ satyamites..and further pushin satyam to deep shit
 vinod:  ok man oracle di not mdified .. TCS silent undi ...LnT konalia anukundi.... ivvani nijalani namochu
but infy di matra mworng antav
 me:  cos infy is big.....and any statement infy makes the whole market considers... the stock market likes infy's statements...
 vinod:  y not TCS and WIPRo are they not big
manta lenidi poga radu
veedu glorify chesdamo but vadu edo ani untadu sure
me:  infy's results are the most awaited in market...than tcs and wipro... infy has a special position manta poga rendu..chesthaadhi
 vinod:  chudaam
 me:  arey inka cheppali antey wipro etc are opportunists ra.. they will pick the best of the best satyam.. am telling...all the good ones will desert satyam..and finally satyam will have to closed down..
after this one will aspire to join satyam..
so it is the existing employess who shld trust the company and stand by it
 vinod:  yes
thats y i do asa aex satyamite
 me:  and if at all anything the competitors can do.. is the minimum not to take this as opportunity and poach satyam employees...
 vinod:  hmm
 me:  they r not in a position to buy satyam..cos everyone is suffering in this bear market
 vinod:  no one will buy
 me:  and no one has actually any idea abt the books of satyam... ppl are not trusting even the letter written by is considered to be a pandora's box..
i mean satyam's raju
 vinod:  ya ya
 me:  it is down graded in stock markets..
 Sent at 7:28 PM on Friday
 me:  i believe the best thing at this point is.. split satyam in parts..and profitable accounts/domain which act as separate orgaizations can be sold off
 vinod:  i thought same
but all units need to be bought
if left over then its injustice for some
 me:  mari ra.. as a whole no one will not definitely... so cant help that
 vinod:  i kno ad antuna anni unitlu ammudu povali antuna
 me:  hmm
Ramalinga Raju is seriously a disgrace to our nation


  1. "Ramalinga Raju is seriously a disgrace to our nation"

    I'll just repeat your words... if he's caught he's unethical, had he not been, he would've been worshiped just as before...

    Btw, I didn't get half the conversation...don't know any south indian languages

  2. yup!.. thats the reality..most of the companies resort to unethical activities in trying long as they r caught they'll be pampered...we've witnessed that happening with satyam...
    btw thats telugu..sorry abt that.. I use my blog as a personal that I can read them in future and refresh my memories...

  3. everyone has their negative traits men.. we gotta wait... thanks for dropping by

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