Sunday, January 25, 2009

Thaa naanaa thana nanna naaa

I saw three really bad movies this night. And the worst part was that all of them were back to back!

12:00 am
1) Chandni Chowk to China..
How can actors like akshay accept to do such highly illogical movies. After having acted for so many years cant they imagine what the audience would undergo while watching this kind of movie. 
The songs are really sad. There is no funny incident in the movie. Just cos Mithunda acted they tried to portray him as bigger hero. This movie should be rated as a B grade movie.

I know that bollywood and logic never go together so then decided to watch an english movie.

2:00 am
2)18 Year Old Virgin..
In simple words, It's about a girl who wanted to get laid by anyone in a party. It's supposed to be a comedy movie but there is no scene in the movie which is worth mentioning as a funny scene. This was another boring movie.

3:00 am
3) Keka (Tolly wood movie)
I wasnt feeling sleepy so wanted to check out this movie. Gave up on bollywood and Hollywood so selected this new Tollywood flick. This one was worse than the first 2. I felt so pathetic after watching this movie that I felt like throwing up

I've decided that atleast for the next one month I'll not watch any movie.
I made a mistake, I should have checked the reviews before watching the movies.

Now I'll continue watching Malgudi days,which I downloaded today afternoon. I think this one is hazaaaaaaaaaaaar times better than all those shitty movies I watched.

"Thaa naanaa thana nanna naaa"


  1. Malgudi days... is a classic, you can't possibly compare the two! But, giving up altogether on movies after a bad day.. is very un-Indian..
    c'mon keep waitin for good things coming your way!

  2. hey.. that was the feeling I got when I saw those 3 movies, infact I've seen a lot after that. Some movies I really liked were Aamir, Mumbai meri jaan..

  3. chandni chowk to china was terrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrible. this has happend a lot of times with me too. Good malgudi days was a good choice for nullifying the bad time u had after watching those 3 phillums

  4. hii

    hahahah! C2C was not worth calling a movie.. it is suitable for torturing spies and terrorists!

    bravo! how u managed to watch 3 movies back to back?? 7-9 hrs of torture!


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