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Naayak - A Boring flick

Naayak - Review
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Naayak Movie Review
Director: V. V. Vinayak
Produced by: D.V.V Danayya
Starring : Ram Charan Teja, Kajal Aggarwal, Amala Paul
Music by : Thaman

Naayak Movie Kajal agarwalWatched this movie on Sankranthi day at Kadapa.
A much hyped movie but only to anyone's disappointment I should say. The story lacked novelty. I feel it's a mix( read kichdi) of all blockbuster hits like Adurs, Businessman, Gabbar Singh.

Naayak Movie Charmee Hot SongStory : Not a gripping one, It gets boring somewhere in the middle as it is slightly dragging and very predictable
Music : The music is very good and Thaman did a great job. Charmee's item song was surprise.

Characters : RamCharan, Cherry, did a fair job. NTR would have been a better choice for this role. As the role demands having a funny bone, which I feel Cherry lacks compared to NTR. Kajal and Amala were fillers.
Rahul Dev's role is a shortlived one, and he hardly spoke anything throughout the movie. Pradeep Rawat as usual an agressive villain did his part ok.

Similarities to Other Movies

Naayak Movie AdursI wonder if I am the only one to feel that the movie has many starking similarities to the movie "Adhurs" directed by VV Vinayak himself.
Below are some of my observations
1) Hero Double Role
2) One of the character being a highly aggressive one
3) Kolkata background
4) Bramhi doing the similar comedian role
5) The location, where the climax fight sequence was shot was the same location where a similar fight sequence was shot in the movie Adurs.
6) The title song being the last song of the movie.
7) Ashish Vidyarthi playing the similar role

Naayak Movie BusinessmanBusinessman
1) The partnership with all goons
2) The song "Madam madam" somewhat goes in line with "Sir Osthara"

Naayak Movie Gabbar SinghGabbar Singh

1) The funny sequence where all goons are treated by Cherry's similar to the one in the Gabbar Singh.

Overall I feel it is not a worth watching in multiplex atleast..Wait till Ugadhi to watch it on TV, it's worth that:)

Anonymous said :
"just a mix of VV's earlier movies. the hooligans reporting to brother of heroine seeing him on ride with heroine is kinda BUNNY. and hero praising villain is kinda KRISHNA and also the PEDANANNA of villain is same actor. even brahmi as uncle of hero is from KRISHNA..... such a vegetated makers n watchers. god bless .... flipping n moving forward ....passing off songs etc. unbearable to watch in a theater n the NAYAKs madam madam seems no match for bussinessmans sir osthara.."

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