Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Apple iPhone vs Samsung S3

Samsung S3 vs Apple iPhone
Samsung vs Apple

Before I get into the comparison..
The prologue..
I have had an iPhone 3GS model for almost 3 years and I was very happy using it till that unfortunate day when it went dead all of a sudden..It took me sometime to come out of the depression :P..ok I know it is an exaggeration.. but yea..I really missed it..as it became an integral part of me for almost 3 years...so is the reason for the sentiments.....as I had no other phone but to resort to my defunct HTC mobile ..
Then came my wife's birthday.. i gifted her a Samsung S3[..was a suprise gift] ..She was so elated that she gave away the S3 to me..telling that I needed it more than her..actually to gain more sympathy ;) I used to meddle with that silly phone infront of her only.. My wife was so moved at me struggling to make my htc work that she insisted me to take the S3..thats how I ended up owning the S3..
But this happiness didnt last longer for me.. It's not even 3 months and already I feel like I have had enough... I want to go back to my good old iPhone3Gs. As a matter of fact the 3Gs is 2 generations older to the contemporary model of S3, that is iPhone 5, and is much better than S3 when compared to its performance.
My woes: The screen goes blank many times, even when the battery is fully charged the mobile goes dead...It is dead slow and at times takes more than a minute to open up a contact to dial up..The camera also freezes many times..the swipe-right to pick up a call doesn't work sometimes..

The touch is so sensitive that..once it called up my boss all of a sudden.. and adding to my agony..it got stuck at that moment only.. I had to pull off the battery to cut the call :O..So you see what all I had to go through with this phone..

I did a simple weighted average analysis to compare Samsung and Apple and below is the analysis for all you people
Samsung S3 vs Apple iPhone
Clearly Apple stands out when compared to Samsung, though on looks point of view it's somewhat closer to Samung..but on performance and utility it rocks...
This is not a techie review but is an honest submission from an end user.

I was so irritated with the mobile...below were my experiments with the voice recoginition application....which also opened up unintentionally.. was a discovery for me..

I said "I Love you"
I love Samsung

 I said "I Hate you"...which I actually meant..
I hate Samsung
Finally that is how I ended it
Fuck off



  1. Lol how much a of a pain something as small as a phone can be :D

  2. :)).. .not having a phone might not cause so much pain but.. having a defunct one causes more

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