Saturday, January 05, 2013

Decoding the Boss's Anger

Yelling Boss Bell Curve

β is the risk of getting yelled by Boss.
t is the time spent in the Boss's cabin.
to is the time when a person enters the cabin.
Basically the theorem goes like this:- The risk of getting scolded by a Boss goes up with the time spent in his/her cabin and follows a bell curve where the risk is highest at  tc.
tc is the critical time.
The tc is very subjective. It can be worked out only after some trial and error attempts.  
Once you cross the critical time the chances of yelling reduce and it may be due to many physiological and psychological reasons. So one should be very careful during the time between to and tc
This theorem is observed to be an universally accepted fact but never formally documented.
So I take the credit for this noble contribution to humankind.:P

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