Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tweeting Friends

I would like to introduce you all my new twitter friends..
These are not the ones who tweet silently online.. but they tweet violently offline :)

This one is the most notorious ones..Do u think it is giving a pose.. it is thinking..on how to break the camera..The rest of the lot are no less to this one

The scheduled meeting, with chair person on top

                                                       Can anyone pose better than this one?

These pics were taken using Samsung Galaxy S3.
Courtesy : My wife's S3 (:O I have never announced it officially in my blog. Yes I got married)


  1. Congrats on the wedding thing man!! ;) btw, yeh cage kahan hain..ithne beautiful bright birds cage mein?

  2. Hi Vinnie..I bought them as a gift to my wife..
    After that did some research on birds.. gone through the Wild Life Protection Act 1972, PETA website and Maneka Gandhi's portal.
    This breed of birds.. are under exception for possessing.
    Am ensuring that I take good care of those..interms of providing food,space,companionship etc.


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