Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thuppakki hits bulls eye

My Rating  - 4/5
Watched this movie yesterday.

A gripping action thriller starring Vijay, Vidyut, Kajal and direction by Murugadoss.
This is best of the movies I watched in recent times after Eega.  Murugudoss ensured that the viewers are well engaged with the scenes all throughout the movie with the mind games between two lead roles keeping you guessing all the while. At no point of time you get bored of the movie even the scenes with absolute silence.


Characters: Vijay &Vidyut[villain] get thumbs up for their performance. Vidyut with his rugged looks was awesome. Kajal added to the glamour part for the songs, which were not that catchy though from lyrics/tune point of view. The comedy part was situational and not overloaded. Overall the movie is a must watch and worth watching in theatre.

  Official Trailer - HD

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