Sunday, November 25, 2012


Watched this movie last evening @ cinemax...

Movie: It's a socio-fantasy movie starring  Nag, Anushka.
I felt the story was dull. It couldnt make any impact after the much created hype on the graphics. A movie like this which is so predictable needs a lot of efforts on direction and screenplay front to make it still an interesting flick [ex: Eega]. It is cliched to say that the movie lacked logic, and it so feels like the director was in a hurry to finish the movie.

Characters : Nag seemed quite incongruous for a socio-fantasy flick. The villain of the movie was not so effective. Nothing much to say about Anushka. The item song with Charmme and the comedy track with all seniors were forceably inserted. Charmme is so fat and her dance moves were provocative[may be that is the definition of item song]. Prakash Raj played the role of Lord Shiva,which I felt was a wrong choice. He had put on lots of weight with a double chin and I feel it is so odd for the role of Shiva. Among all GODs, Shiva is a character which sports the macho look but it was not so in this movie. .

Conclusion: At no point of time was there any amount of suspense nor the graphics were breath taking , making the movie an absolute dud.
"Wait till Sankranthi to watch it on TV!"

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