Thursday, November 29, 2012

OPL Strategy

That is the word I coined for my new strategy on weight loss.

Lately I have realised that I have put on lots of weight. Most of my pants aren’t fitting me, the worst part being those I got stitched six month back are also not fitting me:O.



I was like this a year back


Current situation

If it continues at this rate then this will be in future…optimistically in may be 6 months from now.


So I have decided that I should act immediately, at least to make use of those slim fit shirts and designer wear pants.

OPL stands for One part Less. Basically I cut down my food intake by one part.
For ex: For breakfast, I now take only 4 idles compared to 5 wise I cut down everything I take by one part.

It's a simple strategy to start with before going on to a stricter diet regime [Read this post How to cut down 10 kgs in 2 months]

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