Saturday, January 29, 2011

Surprisecube...surprise assured!

Surprisecube an online gifting prepared for loads of suprises...

I had placed an order for a magic mug, was definitely a surprise rather shock  to me when I saw what I top it all..I was the one, who was blamed for that.. Yes it was my mistake I should have chosen someone else..

At that point of time when I placed the order I was not sure on what to write or what picture to if I were to do business I would have suggested some ideas to my customers..or shown some typical messages/templates etc.. which didn't happen.. later i did some googling and mailed them the pic and quote which i which after my continuous followups i was confirmed about the order..

what does someone expect from a customer?
The person should have ideally asked me..the position,color combination,font type and font size..none did that.. I sent a second mail to them suggesting them the font i wanted..which was on the same day..

now how can someone expect a customer to think everything the machine needs as an input..when you are operating you should ask the customer the various specifications needed and be as detailed enough so that you don't miss out anything..or keep the customer next to you so that he gets what he wants

just before I was about to collect..I called up and wanted to confirm if the font change happened.. to which the person was not sure about..and when i further questioned..he says.. he can show me the mail print as proof that he has sent it to the technical what kind of professionalism is this?.. you are working in a are not sure about your internal communication..and who are you trying to blame by showing the printout?..It really gave a very bad impression about the team to me.. hehe this attitude is not healthy for any business...

When I went to check the mug in person..I told the person also.that.I want to check if it's same as what I expected.. the person smartly came down to the station itself..and handed over the mug.. Actually I wanted to check how it works..which they have very smartly averted..
when I saw the mug..I was shocked..I said the font color is not same as the which I got multiple explanations..he it is always like cant be same color..and another explanation should have told the color before....
as a matter of fact ..I've bought a magic mug previously from some other vendor who gave me wide varieties of choices..and also helped me in selecting quotes..and actually showed me while printing that I get what I exactly these people say they don't let anyone to their labs...

now you are taking an order online..
neither you are showing a sample of what you are going to deliver...
nor you are competent enough to ask appropriate questions to your customers...
nor you are ready to correct your mistake..but very competent in blaming everyone else in the world..

Now the worst thing anyone would want to listen be blamed back for whatever happened...
I couldnt feel in them, even an iota of passion to deliver value to customers..I am sure they would have been very happy to have made their money...

I bought this mug for 550/- and the previous mug I bought from another vendor I got it for 350/- I was ready to pay 200 more intentionally cos it was in a short notice...but now I will never make this mistake again..

People who are in the similar lines of business should learn one thing.. your core competency should be your customer service.. because that itself will have something unique of what you all are easily imitable..a 100% strike rate in good word of mouth is what you should be aiming at...

The mug I got, I have chosen not to gift it also..I am using it to keep my tooth brush and toilet stuff
God bless surprisecube
good luck!


  1. you seem to be their first customers.. the site looks totally crappy

  2. hii

    ya thats bad..I'll keep that in mind!
    thanks :)

  3. Rarely I encounters blogs that have the header & its description written in telugu.

  4. That sure is a bad experience. And now I am sure anyone who googles it out before buying from them will have second thoughts. :)

  5. good thing u did blogging about it :)
    serves them right!

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