Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dhobighat - my take

"whats so mumbai about could have been any other place in India"
That's my first expression..after the movie ended......
"why is it called dhobighat?" ...except to one of the main actors being a dhobi..doesnt really talk about lives of dhobis..somehow for me the title doesnt seem to be an apt one..

Coming to the characters...

Painter:- Played by Aamir Khan..should really apreciate one fact that being a mega star he took a modest share of the limelight...and acted just like anyother supporting actor..unlike many other stars of his level you comments on his acting..he is the best in whatever he does..

Photographer:- ..wondering what an "investment banking" "consultant"..daughter of filthy realtor is upto.. she says she is on a sabbatical..and got some research grant..studying on south east was not clear on why she was so interested on the painter and the dhobi..or may be i missed something..her role was not at all a convincing one for me..the most confused role..

Dhobi:- this dhobi's role could have been anything else also..a rickshaw puller or a chai wala..I dont  think the 'dhobi' part has done enough justice to the title of the movie...Apart from that the guy acted well.

Woman on video:- This woman's story seemed to be one complete and convincing one for me..I think she acted well..for whatever little her portion was..

Its a different movie...a 90min movie..without any dance/song nor interval..
It ended in a typical hollywood style..abruptly:)...but anyways we've had enough of happy-ever-after kind of this is a welcome change..I would rate it 2.99 on 5..


  1. thanks for review
    am not gonna watch it on big screen atleast ;)

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  3. I agree with your review quite an honest one, yes monica's role is hanging somewhere and her research is quite out of nothing she is just a glam factor of d film. For Aamir it was sad to see his talent on a bit wasteful side. I guess dhobi and yasmin did best jobs... P.S it was so not satisfying to run after this film and watch it on first day itself....yet I like the creative side direction, frames, silence and production with mix of art yet it could have been a better film...

  4. @Pramod bhai
    thanks :)
    ;) pirate
    :) cool.. go with zero exp u will like it

  5. @Palak
    ya monica's role was useless
    direction wise a good attempt

  6. i have heard such mixed reviews about this movie.. am confused whether to watch it..

    I think I will :) to know for sure.


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