Friday, January 28, 2011

I love this one

This puppy is so cute..the drooping head...rested ears... tiny feet...the innocence in the eyes......
It clearly has done some mischief...
amazing it felt like sharing..

I always wanted to have a pet, but my parents never let me keep one..
When I was in school I used to pet the street dogs..My dad used to shoo away them...when they used to run towards me waging their tail in a play mood...


  1. I landed here from a thread you posted on indiebloggers :) and i am glad i did ! Read quite a lot of posts on ur blog in the half hour that i have spent time on ur blog . Believe me , you have good content and a very good command over the language to compliment it and what can be better than the aura with which you write . :)Honesty and modesty ! I was going to drop a comment on the forum itself but as you know they are so fast in approving accounts that i may have had to wait till next year to get accepted :)

    Keep blogging, i am following your blog :)

  2. innocent eyes????

    that's like letching the way it's looking :|



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