Friday, January 21, 2011

Am busy...

That's my work place..never did so much of paper work in my you people realise what's keeping me 'busy' these days..

Coming to the word 'busy'..I am so scared of this word that I refrain to ask if anyone is busy.. specially if the other person is a female...
to which there is a small incident..this happened sometime in 2004..the time when orkut was new to me..and I was not so tech savvy.. I was posting some questions related to GMAT to people who cleared it...and so asked a few questions to a girl, who didnt care to I sent a message to her asking if she was busy.. but instead i wrote ..'busty'..[you see t and y are strategically placed on keyboard]..I discovered that only when I realized that she blocked me....
that's why I rarely ask if someone is busty..err busy..


  1. he he he..........
    nice goof up.
    i can smell the heart burn.
    now u must be very cautious with T

  2. haan bhai :)...sometimes the silliest mistakes can turn deadliest also

  3. hmm.. so you are one of those online perverts haan?

    *evil laugh*

  4. lollzz .. nuv asal ultimate mama ..


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