Thursday, May 10, 2007

My Blog's 2nd bday

Asalam alayukum all my readers,
Its been over 2 months I blogged.
But nothing much happened during these days,

Last week I bought this camera, Canon IXUS 900 Ti, didn’t even research anything about it. I just liked it on first sight that’s it, bought it.
So far so good. Have to learn its usage.
Will upload more pics from now on and make this a photo blog,
As some one said “A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words”
The problem with this place is; recently the ban on public photography is lifted, so I don’t want to take risk.

It’s been ages I saw a movie... the last movies I saw were Apocalypto and 300.
Getting really sick with this place. Got bored with the work and the routine life. Now that the summer started, people here say that it’s still not that hot and the actual one is yet to come. Night at 8 the temperature is around 40.
These days even the work has become hectic, even on weekends we are slogging.
I feel so sick here…

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Finally before I say Khudahafiz to all…
Belated bday wishes to my blog, completed 2 years.
First bday


  1. its been 2 yrs huh ??

    times goin really really fast :D

    gud you chilling out with your camera and watchign movies!!

  2. Read ur blog from 1st till the last
    really found it interesting
    Actually I got ur Id frm Indians in saudi comm
    I was myself there fr 2.5 yrs i got frustrated of the place and came out in a final exit just 2 weeks back
    How do u access orkut dere?
    Surprising tht an IITian cld survive in saudi Arabia
    how many more yrs do u plan to stay there


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