Saturday, April 11, 2009

25 random things about me...

I was tagged by many to write 25 random things about me...well to get rid of my writer's block..I will give it a try
In this one I'm going to reveal the darker side of me as read it with a broad mind..and don’t jump into any conclusions.......cos I'm good :)

1)I'm an Aquarian

2)I am an egoist, but I try to be as modest as possible. I don't expect to be treated as special one..and be a cynosure ... but if some one acts smart in front of me taking advantage of my modesty I get really bad.

3)I am a GOD fearing person. Every day I get up, the first thing I do is look at the photo of GOD. I do pray whenever I visit some temple. My prayer is very short. I do it in my mother tongue, " Swamy ma amma nannu nu eppudu santhosha pettali" and thats it there ends the prayer. If I have to wait longer I repeat the same thing.

5)I believe am a strong willed person. I don't like to give up on anything. I will fail but not give up. That is one reason that made me discover the long distance athlete in me. Readers, I was the 2nd best long distance runner of my college.

6)I involve myself in many activities. I play football & hockey, and did play both in my under grad and even now. I'm part of the cultural events organizing teams. I'm part of many interest groups like trading,networking,adventuring etc.

7) I'm very well connected with people over net. I use orkut, linkedin, facebook, twitter, blip,youtube, blogger, digg, interscope and bloglog.

8)I'm very shy when it comes to talking to girls. I was never lucky in having a girl friend

9)In all the testimonials I got... ppl say that I have a good sense of humor, so I believe that..

10)Currently I'm in Bangalore and I miss my bike, speakers....

11)I have this hidden desire of becoming an actor..don't mind even if it's a villain or a supporting actor..:)

12)By the time I turn 40 I would like to set up an empire...a conglomerate of companies..yes obviously not alone..with some of my bestest friends...will drag them in.. :)

13)I lost 6 lakhs in one trade last year...took sometime to recover from the shock...from then I hardly did any trading. A big lesson learnt the harder way.

14)If all went well I would have made 12 lakhs out of it. I had a plan to set up a water bottling plant along with my friend with an initial investment of 50 lakhs.

15)I can speak Telugu, Hindi, English very fluently. Understand Tamil and speak a little. Can speak a little of Arabic and French. Currently learning Kannada and Bengali.I did a course in Japanese

16)I'm always ready to give free fundaes to anyone. I know there are a lot of people out there who have been victimised by my unsolicited tips/suggestions/ideas/advice

17)I once said that I'm secular by heart. Let me tell this. I used to love the Namaz(Salath) read out when I was there in Saudi. And many times I used to recite along with it.

18)I have this weakness, which is getting worse. I can't explain things in crisp. I'm so used to writing the long globe answers that I end up writing too much for even the silliest of the questions.

19)Don't even dare to ask me the story of the movie I watched. I will narrate the whole screenplay for u giving u the actual feel of the movie. I can't help it. I can't even cut it short.

20)I don't like to drink tea, coffee, milk and any fizz.

21)My academic interests are Mathematics, Statistics, Economics(lately discovered) and Finance.

22)My other interests are traveling, social networking, blogging, playing computer games and sketching.

23)In Hollywood I find Kiera Knightley and Scarlett Johansson very beautiful, In Tollywood I like Charmy :D..just recently..

24)Of the books I read some books which I really liked were Iacocca and Wings of Fire

25)Some movies which I can watch again and again without getting bored are Life is beautiful, Shawshank Redemption, Pursuit of Happyness, Sarfarosh…

Huh!.. 25 is too small a number to write about me. I wrote them randomly and there is no logical flow of the points.

Note:- I've no intentions to steal the images, infact I've used the links giving credit to the owners of the images. If any of the creators have any issue please let me know I'll remove the image.


  1. Hi cutie!!! It's so nice to know about u a lil more! U looks like a wonderful guy, intelligent, sensitive, faithfull... I like u even more every time I read ur texts!
    Thank's internet we've met!!

    kisses n luv

  2. hey...this was a cool one..nice to know this much abt u..all the best to ur ambition of actor / entrepreneur !
    great to know that after losing 6 lks, u r up again..thats inspiring!

  3. you at b'lore...k
    I was there last weekend with friends
    chilling out, at legends of rock and Taika...

  4. wow! six lakhs, appreciate that you recovered from the loss well, pretty good post over here, keep writing and keep smiling

  5. 6lakhs was the comforting part of ur blog!! :P :P

  6. awesome man...i gotto gear up myself...i am not even 1/4th of wht u r :)

  7. @Tanya : You made my day. I'm flying now :)

    @Vinnie: Thanks a lot :)

    @Waqas : Dude.. thanks so much

    @Sophie: Yea am in Blr...oh is it.. arey could have met then...

    @uddhav: Recovered from shock not from loss..:)

    @giusippe: hehe

    @G3 : thanks for the heavy compliment..

    I'm bit embarrassed by those compliments from everyone..I'll have to read my post from a neutral point of view to understand if it really sounded like that.

  8. its a very giid dude that u got 6 lakhs...
    i like the post as well as site very much...
    keep it up boy...


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