Sunday, November 06, 2005

jor ka jatka’! dheerey sey lagi!!!..

Hmm just two more weeks to go…today wrote the worst exam (penultimate mock cat) .. till date ..never in my life I got screwed this badly.. I was still in trance when I took the exam…basking in the glory of the previous exam’s result…got a bouncer.. hmm now am back to normal.. realized my level… huh!.. atleast the coming week need to consolidate those basic fundaes.. lest will get the same result .. if that happens then harakiri..


  1. hi came to know u from suharsh's blog, even time's mockcat last weeks's was a bouner to me :)

  2. Orey Yadava!!! It shows that u r learning the hard way.. neeways.. i got screwed....u know what i cleared di & quant scrape... but got smoothered in Verbal....
    ok c u
    nee CRM aaptha mithrudu...

  3. all the best ra banthi... cat veerudaa........... :) as u can see, nenu batike unnanu... just been very busy, anthe...

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