Thursday, November 17, 2005

Reservations for minorities in IITs and IIMs

Huh!..after more than 50yrs of independence its strange to see ppl deciding to whom reservation has to be given. Its high time they cut down all existing reservations.. the SC and ST reservation which they have been enjoying for the past 50yrs!
Why don’t the politicians understand the consequences of the reservations.. They dont think who is going to get benefited finally... their main concern is vote bank...
The whole funda of reservation is to see that the deprived, economically weak people get a chance to come up in life... Its not the time to uplift socially backward people.. if at all there exists something of that kind then educate people to come out these superstitions...they say they have given SC and ST reservations so that ppl in rural and tribal areas come up in life. but what are we seeing ppl who are economically strong and living in cities are getting benefited cos of that.... and they are who actually don’t need ... What is the fun in giving the reservation and not educating the ppl who are actually backward to avail of those ....
I feel at least in top colleges of India like IIM and IITs there should not be any reservations. …come on.. these institutes hard earned reputation is all because of the quality of the students who get in. If they have to encourage the so called socially backward people  .. first they have to create awareness among them about the reservations and career options ..and at the max they should provide financial assistance ..not a seat in these institutes.. cos there are lakhs who are fighting for a seat and some one gets a preference just because he/she is from a recognized tribe/caste/minority......
Muslim community which is treated a minority ..huh they have been living with us prior to independence and still it's shame to call them minorities ..mebbe their population when compared to Hindus is less but they don’t deserved to be called minorities.....What more can u ask ..our President himself is a Muslim... in our cricket team we have good number of muslims ..many of our politicians are muslims...We have had many muslim leaders, politicians in the past also...till now people never looked Muslim as a muslim ..they treat them as equals ..but this will not be the same...if the reservation comes into picture,..
huh am totally pissed.....india sucks all because of its uneducated politicians
classic example :Laloo prasad yadav...


  1. senti avvaku raa..u will carck cat dun worry

  2. Don't worry dude. It won't happen. Remember, the Supreme Court quashed reservations for muslims introduced in AP by YSR.
    Good luck for CAT.

  3. oh it seems u r giving CAt thsi! of luck!! well...

    and abt reservations...v true ! u know there was even this issue job reservation recently!!!gawd!!...after few yrs ev institute will be reserved for smthing or d other...and one has to be in one of "backward" communities to get smthing u "Actually" deserve...
    ppl , dont understand that work and studies is something which u get if u work hard for it has nothin to do wid ur social status!!..

  4. Still working hard good for you .
    I read that A committee set up by the human resource development ministry has recommended reservation for minority students in professional institutions like the Indian Institute of Technology, Indian Institute of Management and Indian Institute of Foreign Trade.

    The committee will meet tomorrow to discuss the report. Arjun Singh, who holds the ministry and will preside over the meeting, may find it difficult to ignore the recommendation, though it is likely to spark a huge furore. Improving the status of minority education has been high on Singh’s list of priorities since he took charge of the ministry.

    A range of recommendations to improve the educational status of minorities has been made by the committee for minorities’ education.

    Earlier, the ministry’s move to confer minority status on Aligarh Muslim University ran into trouble after a court order de-recognised it.

    The recommendation for reservation in IITs and IIMs is likely to trigger a controversy with a section of experts arguing that quotas will not help minority students. They say students with a weak educational background may find it difficult to cope with the pressures at IITs and IIMs.

    In its report, the committee says: “The number of minority students is falling in prestigious institutions like IIT, IIM, IIFT (institute of foreign trade), etc. The committee is of the opinion that reservations may be made for admission of minority students in such institutions.”

    IITs and IIMs have mandatory quotas for SC/ST students. Scheduled castes have a 12.5 per cent reservation and scheduled tribes 7.5 per cent. Besides, there is a quota of 3 per cent for physically challenged students.

    The committee has not specified the size of the quota for minorities in the report.

    It also wants to improve representation of minorities and backward classes in the civil services.

    “As in the case of SC/ST, a centre may be established in the existing IITs and IIMs where bright students from these communities can be identified through the qualifying examination,” says the committee.

    “The centres can then coach them. The idea of associating IITs and IIMs with the coaching centres is to ensure a high standard of coaching which can easily be given by the highly competent faculty members,” it says.

    After admission, SC/ST students are coached for a year to bring them up to the standard of these institutions.

    The committee has made important recommendations for madarsa education. It has suggested scrapping the present scheme initiated in 1993-94.

    “Its basic objective was to improve and bring the standard of minority education at par with general education. Unfortunately, the desired results could not be achieved with the existing parameters of the scheme,” says the report.

    “The government may consider scrapping the existing scheme and introducing a new scheme. Under the new scheme, there can be a central madarsa board/sangathan,” it says. Hang in there .

  5. I don't know much on this specific subject, but it sounds like you are highly invested in this. Hope it all works out well!

  6. tere bagair:
    jya rey.. hum muslim logon ko insluting... main koun hun maluum.. meere paache kaun hain malum... jihad jihadddd.. tereeku main pieces pieces mein kaatunga.. hum ko seat nahin dega tum log.. tere city ko i will come.. tere gali ko i will come.. tere ghar ko i will come.. kya peekega peeku ra.. hmmmm mewre ko yaad kar.. u replied to my mail with my hair saloon pic... tere bagair.. yaad aya.. kutte...kameene.. remember my foto.. haa haa haa

  7. So ur sure u'll end up in the last whatevr percent if they remove the reservations haan ??

    Lemme tell ya sumthing mate,if u want sumthing to blame your frustrations on ,find sumthing better next time , spare these poor people who still face the discrimination at every point of life though subtle.

    PS:Many of them dont apply thru the quota for this very reason , and Im one among those.


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