Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Sorry for the delay!!!

This blog is after a long time...all these days was busy with work...hmm working on this caller ring back tone .. (its similar to the hello tune in Airtel.. instead of the regular boring tring tring dial...they play a song...) My work sounds Hifi..but actually isnt.. cos it deals with data flow and crap...its boring and not worth discussing....

Am Sick with these IPOs..applied for Southern online BioTech for 1500shares...didntget any...and for one month my money was blocked...filed a complain at SEBI's website... they are supposed to give interest for the amount i kept..hmmm very bad..am planning to buy furniture this week about 20k worth..thgt if i dont get shares will put that money for that...

Yesterday our CRM team went out for a dinner...dutch party..:)...four of us.sat separately and hogged like dogs...Theres a restuarant Haras..we went there...loved 'fried ice cream' in desserts

am not getting time to watch soccer...just update myself by checking out uefa.com and espnstar.com.."WIGAN Athletic"..first time in Premeire league and is among top four ..too much...never saw them playing.. this time will defly check out..

Hmm nowadays.am studying more at office than home..thanx to pagalguy.com its one good site for catizens!!

PS: Check out the title link..


  1. Hi,

    Saw ur solns to Amit's questions on PG and was impressed enuf to visit ur space. Nice blog dude..keep going..

    Btw,I work in the building opposite to urs at Hyderabad!

  2. Nice to have you back! I know how busy you must be working "AND" preparing for your MBA entrance exams (let us know how you do). The site below has some tips when taking your entrance exam, along with studying, that is. I hope it helps. http://www.ptindia.com/courses/pinnacle/techniques.htm
    I hope you "ACE" your exams!(+:)>

  3. hey dude, stuff u write in ur blog (shares, sensex etc.) is all blah-blah to me and hence i cannot write any useful comment abt those. :) ... Gleaned from the comments that u are writing CAT. All the best for that.

  4. Been gone long time .Its nice to see you blogging again.Hope you dont get burned out with your exams!Just pass with flying colors .

  5. hey ra mama.. schi nee kadupuna pudatha daaaaaaaaa... bathiki neee kougili padatha daaaaaaaaaa... aaaaaaaaa...

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