Monday, September 19, 2005

Whats there in a title...............

This blog is after a long time……hmm …Last week was very busy with work in office.. no time to study also….last Sunday’s mock was a disaster… One thing I’ve observed .. I never crossed verbal cutoff till date .. and last mock cat verbal was again the worst section . All 2 mark quests I attempted went wrong. There were arranging questions for 2 marks, instead of reading those lines I tried to spot answer by just looking at the pattern and that’s it all gone wrong, thank god they went wrong otherwise I will definitely try this in main exam , there cant afford such mistakes…
Quant was OK…but I think every one would have felt like that.. OK this reminds me again that I should study atleast from now .
Ok in the below graph if you see. The most interesting thing is the LA (Logic ability) .
And RC is like my cardiogram…

Now the most interesting thing. Last week I bought Glenmark Pharma 25@285 and currently its trading at 350 hope it goes up am putting sell order at 360. People say it’s a long term investor’s buy. I bought Amtek Auto 265/- currently its trading 305/- , TCS at 1395/- , Gujarat Ambuja at 30@73/- (Rasoni’s suggestion), HPCL at 310/- All seem to go up.
I bought this scrip Centext at 7.23/- and sold it at 8.68… If it comes back to 7/- am goin to buy this again.
The biggest mistake I’ve done is buying sasken at 470/- on the very first day when it got listed now regret for what I’ve done.. learnt a good lesson.
Thers another scrip JCTele because of some wrong info I bought it at 12.5/- this is trading at 11.5.. I should come out of this two soon ….worst picks…
This week there is a new IPO Southern online Bio technologies.. thinking whether to buy this one or not. Last week Amar remedies was listed double it IPO…that was instant profit.. cant say anything…can happen.. HT media went below its IPO…

Ok I think this much is enough for two more weeks…. Till then keep checking my blog… I put the nifty graph at the top of my blog so can use my blog as an alternative to

Don’t ask me y I put this pic…I love this one .. this is my desktop wallpaper.


  1. Hi Mate,

    Sorry I cudnt reply to your posts on my blog...ave been quite busy..back at work in delhi after a refreshing 2 week vacation at home in hyderabad.

    Been investing quite a bit myself..Sold my ICICI@582 which i bought at 490, i had 100 of them :).

    Invested in Alps Industries Ltd..200 shares@120,Southern Online 2000 Shares@10 and Gujrat Ambuja 200 shares @ 72. Lets hope for the best and hope that I get to make some money :).

    All the best,

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