Monday, September 05, 2005

Goof up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hmm .. After a longtime. one good Monday ..yesterday wrote this Mock CAT...felt it was not a bad one unlike the ones i gave till now.... hope a better performance next week...
I guess by now everyone might have applied for CAT and IIFT as the last day is already over......i did major goofups while posting both the App forms.. I posted the CAT form on August15th itself ..that was too early ..Thers a section in the form where we fill in the course we are going to opt for in the specific default it is the regular two year program which has no extra ppl fill that...but i thgt whats harm in filing the others and i filled for the PGDCM course in IIM calcutta in addition to the regular... posted the envelope ... was elated that i was the first in posting the Appl form...the following weekend in our nerd fukker asked me whether i filled for PGDCM...I in total bindaas tone said.....'Yes' i applied for that and was giving him free fundaes about the course...after listening to the whole story he gave me shock of my life...saying a DD of 600bucks and an additional form is to be sent along with the app form if we apply for that course...thats it...i was back to normal...totally scared about whats gonna happen …all the time during class i was thinking to go about ..then i decided to call IIMB.....then i rushed back home took out the brochure and was happy to see that the form and DD can be sent to IIMC any time after this main application and the last date for this is Nov 18th.......was very happy....
ok the next one is highlight....

IIFT... Along with Appl form and DD we are supposed to put two self addressed adhesive labels.The appl form filling and getting a DD took around two days..but for the labels it took 10 there was no stock ..finally on august29th we got a sheet ..the last day was 5th sep so there was enough time friend asked me to post his form also ....he gave me his labels,dd and app form.. I took two office envelopes (:was lazy to buy:).and packed them all.... I asked my dad to post the letters for me.. My dad seeing the office covers asked me post in normal covers as it will not be good to do that... I went out to get covers but couldn’t get them ..then dad said he’ll fill that for me ..i was happy ..tore opened the envelope and put all its contents out in a shelf…the two labels were lying flat on the shelf .. when my dad put the forms in envelopes he didn’t see the labels... ok it was my mistake not telling him about the contents..…then my dad posted the forms… I was happy that both the forms were posted. .. the next day morning I discover that the two labels were still lying in the shelf….and thats it again tension…...all these days I wasted time just for those two labels finally they were of no use…. then I told my friend about this ..he was totally cool…that added to misery…I called up IIFT immediately ..after a lot of struggle finally got the line…..and they said that they’ll take care of the labels ..
so once again saved……

I am fed up with this ICICI direct…very bad service…at the point of time when u want to buy or sell shares the net goes down…the scrips which can be traded are very few…not all can be traded…I am trying this got a good feedback on that one….Sensex is skyrocketing. .today at one point of time it was 7980..and Nifty at 2440…hmm am happy that TCS is falling…I want it to reach 1320….then I’ll buy back those ten which I sold at 1355….

I am waiting for this Sasken’s listing.. that day I’ll experiment Marginal trading…


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  2. Hey,

    DC here..
    2003 Passout..working at Satyam for the past 1.5 years...this profession sucks big into ERP as well...PeopleSoft...have to branch out to Oracle Apps/SAP sometime soon...Want to take a break and do an MBA......been in Gurgaon for the past 10 months but came to Hyderabad on a holiday(am originally from Hyderabad)..

    Hmmm...I'll try out marginal trading on sasken too on ..lets see if am able to make something out of it.


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