Monday, September 26, 2005

Sexy!!! Sensexxxxxxx!!! India Shining???

Hmm.after that huge the market is back to its skyrocketting form!..Nifty up by about 80 points...!...experts say it will soon touch 10k..atleast before the new year..i hope that comes true...Its cos of the foreign institutions thers huge cash flow but ..what if they stop doing so...i think thats the end of this bull run....
Sensex touching new highs day by day ...does this really depict our indian economy... The other day i read in BT..they ranked India 55 in Global competitiveness.. its because there is no alround development ..factors like infant mortality..child education all are affecting our growth...i was shocked to read... that around 85% drop out of school...Theres one article in BT which is really interesting..i think its better i put it here in this blog so that my NRI friends over there who dont get a chance to read this will get to know this......
$300 billion : Estimate of hurricane Katrina's toll on the treasury,equal to what it cost the US to fight wars in Afghanistan and Iraq
30Kg: Per capita steel consumption in India, This compares with an average of 200Kg in China and 900 Kg in Korea
20 Million barrels a day: US consumption of oil if lined up in 1-gallon cans this volume would encircle the earth at equator almost 6 times..
90%: Proportion of children between 6 and 14 who enrol in schools in India, 75% of those enrolled drop out by 8th grade..and 85% quit by 12th..
100 Number of commands in the first version of MS word. The 2003 version has more than 1500 commands and 35 tool bars...

This one is the best...!!!
27: The number of signatures needed by Indian companies seeking to export. It requires just 5 signatures in US and 3 in Japan.

I'm disclosing my portfolio
Amtek Auto
Glenmark Pharmaceuticals
Gujarat Ambuja Cements
Mysore Cements
Centurion Bank
JCT elec

The last three are penny stocks ...Of all JCT Elec is the worst pick...These penny sticks are highly unreliable...they can crash any day...they are managed mostly by the manipulators...some of them perform well...they are some scrips which have shown one should be very careful when trading in these stocks...


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  3. Applied for 60 shares of Suzlon...
    Man!!! I dont even have enuff to eat in my bank account now...

    When I get my salary this month end I'll apply for the AurionPro Solutions IPO :).

    My portfolio...

    All are IPOs :D

    2000@10 - Southern Online
    200@120 - Alps Industries
    60@510 - Suzlon
    200@72 - Gujrat Ambuja.

    Stocks that am looking for are:

    Dwarikesh Sugar - Will buy this once it comes to 190 levels, Kotak has kept a buy on it, target 287.

    MRO Tek- Presently Rs.60, wudve bought it if i wudve had some cash...

    Expect some huge corrections in October...:).


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