Saturday, May 07, 2011

weekend movies

Shor in the city : Rating (3/5)
for a change Tushar kapoor is watchable in this one..the editing of the movie was really good...the story starts with unrelated characters and finally culminates by connecting each of them with a common's a time pass movie..The character 'mandook' is a highlight in this was played by Pitobash Tripathi- the one in pink shirt in the above pic

 Fast five (fast & furious 5) : Rating (2/5)

full terms of story it's no different to any bollywood movie..I didn't like it much.. there was lil comedy.. the car chases werent that interesting...I liked the first car chase in the movie.. where the car dives into a river..breathtaking it was..
but otherwise ..overall the movie was so-so..not worth watching it in a multiplex..

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  1. Even i liked shor in the city...was very well directed and did not really bore the audience.


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