Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Looking for a change

I want to become a farmer, No! Am not joking nor I am out of my senses. I've had this thought for quite a long time. I want to take a break and go to some village and work on fields, at least for a short period like an internship. I want to sweat out and earn for living.
Am really sick of these brick and mortar jobs of meetings, conferences, emails, presentations which seems all artificial and lifeless.

By being a farmer....
You can experience and feel the nature to the closest....
... breathe the fresh air..
.. stay fit..
...interact with the nature and feel that you are also a part of the ecology


  1. it really requires one to be very rough and tough to be farmer............. esp. if one is going to practice out farming on the fields as your thoughts are.. very very close-to-nature thoughts.. but incomplete ones.. (i presume).. your thoughts should also be having the 'touch of HOT (and unbearable !) weather'.... i suggest try to again think about all the consequences... (most of them would be sufferings.. which may inhibit you from fulfilling thirst to be closest to nature)................ are you ready... (still??)

  2. hii

    yaa, i agree..farming is the best profession!

    also, there is an ancient saying as well

    "uttam khethi, madhyam vyapaar, adham chaakri"


  3. If you ever decide to become a farmer... call me i'll join you. I recently read Capt. Gopinath's autobiography where he describes his journey from being in the army to farming to becoming an entrepreneur. It was a fascinating book & he had won Rolex award for his work in the farm. He went on to create the biggest Helicopter co. in india & also a pioneering civil aviation co. I want some adventure in life... i want to be a farmer.


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