Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2005 The year in retrospect

To all my readers(are there any????) , I wish you all a Happy New Year, hope all your wishes come true at least this year.

The last post I wrote was 3 months back, the reason being I had nothing to write about. The last few days my life was routine, boring and I was too lazy to write something.
I actually forgot my blogspot user id and password, huh! after some n number of trials finally cracked it.

For a change I felt this year was bit lengthy unlike 2005, as mentioned in this post , cos I was jobless most of the time.

Jan 2006:- I hate this month always, cos of the Cat results, seriously a worst way to start a year. As expected my cat got f*ked. I put 47 perc in Verbal [:O], I had actually attempted all 2 markers (was greedy ;) In DI put 95 perc, Quant 99.** and total was 95.*. I felt bad cos that was the first time I prepared bit seriously but my bad luck was too good. In the same month my Santa Claus, Anurag, came to India. He got a lot of goodies and chocs. I got my camcorder (Samsung SC D353).

Feb 2006:- The shortest month.
Again a reminder about my birthdays, you may gift me any thing from my wish list. I started experimenting my new camcorder, took few videos and I’ve them posted at www.youtube.com. Apart from that I don’t remem doing anything interesting in that month.

Mar 2006:- Our team (about 20 odd people) went to Mount Opera for team outing. It has got a lot of water sports. It’s a nice place to freak out.
Praveen Pinto, my closest friend at office, and I went to Chennai as he had to attend his interview at LIBA for his MBA program. Then I went to my coll, IIT M, just the day after Holi. Stayed in one of my juniors room. The same day whole evening I was treating my juniors, got sloshed, we boozed till 3 in the morning.

Apr 2006:- Fools month. I remem watching 3 movies, highest in a single month in my whole life. “Humko Deewane Kar Gaye”,” Pyare Mohan” and “Ice Age 2”. All of them at PVR, Hyderabad Central.

May 2006:- I can never forget this month. May 11th in particular when sensex crashed badly. Thanks to one great personality, whom I happened to meet during my Chennai trip, on whose suggestion I bought a huge lot of one stock. I actually sold all my stocks and just bought this one. I bought it at an average price of 92 and now its current market price is 63. I sold the whole lot for losses and incurred about 30k lossL. That’s when I learnt never ever go blindly on some one’s suggestion, u need to do some homework before investing.

Jun 2006:- Praveen pinto left as he got admission in LIBA. Right from the first day till the last day we rarely discussed something technical...throughout the breaks we used to discuss about shares, business, mba etc. So missed him a lot.
Jul 2006:- I started going to gym. This time I was bit serious unlike every time, when I used to join gym and leave in a week. My weight then was 75kgs.

Aug 2006:- This was my last month in the project. I was in this project for almost 2 years. This project is more like a 2 yr jail term cos once a person gets into this project he’ll get released only after completing 2 years. I am the only guy who enjoyed the whole 2 yrs. Frankly speaking I never worked more than 3 hrs a day. My work used to start only when stock market gets closed. But those 3 hrs I used to work efficiently so could finish all assignments on time.

Sep 2006:- Unallocated. I was on bench the whole month. My daily schedule was like this. I used to come to office at 2-3pm ,check mails, put follow up mails to our resource allocation team, leave at 4pm to gym and then used to call it a day. This was the time I was bit serious about work outs. I increased the time from 1hr a day to 2 hrs. My work out schedule was like this.
Monday: - Shoulders, triceps and abs + cardio
Tuesday: - Biceps, Chest and abs + cardio
Wednesday: - Thighs, calves and abs + cardio
Thursday: - Shoulders, triceps and abs + cardio
Friday: - Biceps, Chest and abs + cardio.

Oct 2006:- Increased my work out time to 3hrs a day. I had no other work at office other than working out at gym. And anyone of my friends who used to come to meet me, they used to come directly to gym. I was more regular than our gym coach. My weight then went below 70kgs. I was very happy about that. I remem running 5kms in 25 mins which was my best post IIT period. During my final year my best was 18min 30 sec, which I can never achieve.

Nov 2006:- I was on holiday for whole of the month. Thanks to my new project. Btw people my new project is an onsite project and the location is Saudi Arabia. We were told that we were confirmed for this new project and we have to fly to Delhi only on Nov1st evening and till then we had no idea about where we were heading.
Day 1:
Nov2nd early morning 3 of us flew to Delhi. This trip was to get our degree certificate attested by Ministry of HRD, Ministry of External affairs and Saudi Embassy. This attestation is must for applying visa. We reached delhi at morning 6:00 and then started our search for accommodation, as the previous day was holiday at our hyderabad office we could not get acco from our company. We were told almost all hotels were booked and it’s very difficult to get accommodation. Finally we got into a hotel called Janpath close to Connaught place. This hotel is the worst I’ve ever seen. It looked more like a brothel house. We dumped our luggage there and left to get our doc attested at HRD. Finally by end of the day fought with our office people and got into our transit quarters.

Day 2: By now we were a lot familiar with the roads. The connaught place area was so confusing the first day we actually got lost. We went to MEA at tilak marg got our doc attested. There we saw India gate, Rashtrapathi Bhawan and Parliament.
Day 3: It was Saturday and we all planned to go to Agra. We saw Taj Mahal, Fatehpur Sikri, Mathura. 8 of us took an Innova and left in the early morning and returned back the same evening.

Day 4: Saw Lotus temple and Akshardham.

Day 5:- Got attestation done at Saudi Embassy and the same day evening we left to Mumbai. We were given accommodation at Andheri East.

Nov6-Nov18: - We had training on Siebel for all these days. And during this period we saw a lot of Mumbai. Some of the places we saw Gateway of India,Chowpati, Haji Ali, Maha Lakshmi temple,Bandstand,Lower parel etc.

Nov19 :- Early in the morning around 2 am left to hyderabad as I had to take CAT. Some how managed to take the exam. As usual didn’t feel like I did great. The worst part of this exam was the 5 ans options. Especially in verbal section where I face difficulty even when only 2 options are given, then you can imagine how bad my situation was. I did well in RCs and got most of them correct and all Non-RC I attempted I got wrong.
For the next 1 week I was busy with the visa application.

Dec 2005:- Left to mumbai again for the second phase of training. This time we had training at Thane office so were given accommodation at Thane. Currently am staying in the same place.

Hope this coming year will be better one for me.

From now onwards i'll keep this blog updated.


  1. hey buddy ...grt that you have come back !

    i believe retrospection is the first step for success...that is to check where you are and then its easy to go where you want to go!

  2. jan lo nenu kalisanu kadara....yedava...dani gurunchi rayi bey...avunu cat kya huan? visa kya huan>?

  3. There are some readers, dont worry! :)
    Seems u had a gr8 time..

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