Wednesday, October 05, 2005

My wishlist!!!!!

Hmm....thanx to froogle thers an option to list out all those you wish to get as gift...Mine is very modest wishlist.....
So my friends who wants to gift me...check it out...any thing in that list....i'll adjust...

PS:- Click on the title to find my wishlist..


  1. Hello aparichitudu garu ... wish list chala pedhadhi rasavuga anna !!

  2. hmmmm banthi kumarooooooo.. wish list pettava?... neeku nenu pamputha ra giftu.. u wait ra mama. ikkadinunchi.. ill send u manisha koirala types doll ok na

  3. Ha, Ha! Your list is very modest indeed ... in length! You must have some very good friends if they can afford gifts to you like that, LOL!

    You visited my site so I had to see yours. My sister by marriage lives in the Philippines and they also have trouble with the water.
    Most water they have is not good to drink and what little they have come into the house is just a trickle not even enough to shower.
    We take water for granted here in the United States, washing our cars with it, watering our gardens when we please, take a half hour shower when we like. Daylin, my sister by marriage, really opened my eyes to the fact that not everyone is so blessed. Since Daylin married my brother, Jim, I have found many nice people around the world to share our countries and cultures with. And even more so, since I started my Blog site. I hope that you will be one of them, I would love to hear more about your country and maybe you would like to hear more of mine.

    You said you don't like Classical music. Listen to Josh Groban! You will love it. I have a my favorite singers on my side bar on my blog. Pull it down and click on Josh Groban, that takes you to his site, where you can listen to short pieces of his songs. Let me know what you think. Faira

  4. Now that what I CALL thinking BIG.
    go for it . thank you for sharing ,
    Sam i am


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