Saturday, July 09, 2005

My struggle for education

Thanx ra bhari for the fundaes about blog...from now on i'll do only blogging...its better than mail...first reason its not blocked in office unlike yahoo and next thing we can chat
last two days its rainning very badly in hyd!...irritating..dont feel like coming to had cat came to office.....hmmm tomorrow is the day...second MOCK CAT!....deciding day...if tomorrow's exam goes well then will have some hopes otherwise....the same old story!...

last mock cat got mothered!!! lets see how it will go....

arrey juntha plees fundaes on how to get the chat box!!!! new to this blogging!!!..

ok bye....


  1. arey balls...go to google and search for a free tag board. then when u sigh up on that site, they give u the template, just copy that and pste it in ur template. ur blog address is damn cool and creative..keep up the u..


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