Sunday, July 10, 2005

Catricks Reloaded

Yahoooo!!!...i got the tag!!!! the tragedy...this MOCK CAT..nothing was surprise everything went as expected...My DI and Verbal..both got royal raped!!!!..this time i tried to minimise mistakes but it was at the cost of my attempts and again overall score went down....My Quant was OK....
I dont know why!! always i see the easier problems in home and not in cat centre..
People say that when preparing for CAT cut down office hours..practice a lot...

its "very difficult" time goes on..your experience grows and so as ur responsiblities...

this is what i bull shit to my parents when they ask me.."y i stay so late in office...."


  1. nee modda ra, neeku ae budhi unna vadu extra responsibilities istadu bey? ayina, neeku asalu deni meeda ayina nenu em fundaes pedatanu ra babu? nuvvu god!!!

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