Monday, April 04, 2011


It's one thing everyone voices against... be it school kids, adults, even the road side beggar and the most corrupt politicians everyone unanimously speak against it..
I was very surprised when Karnataka CM Mr. B.S Yeduruyuppa, who was in news for all wrong reasons, extended his full support to Anna Hazare.. Even Mr.Y.S. Jagan extended his full support to Anna Hazare... proving the fact that politicians have no conscience at all..

if we try to understand who all are the perpetrators of this so far socially accepted crime ...its not just the high profile politicians... or the policy making bureaucrats... or the law enforcing includes even we all general public..
we have so many corrupt people around... even I am one of them..
traffic police, customs officers, municipality people, brokers at various govt offices..are the ones i bribed so far..I know this is not something to boast about..but these are the few common ones which most of us encounter in our daily lives...who try to take advantage of the inefficiencies, loopholes and asymmetries in the existing system..the delays and opacity in the process are two very common causes for such inefficiencies.....and to override that many of us resort to bribes..

The jan lokpal bill is a good initiative but it's still is a reactive mechanism.. along with that government should analyse the current system...and proactively plug all gaps, inefficiencies so that the scope for being corrupt is minimized..i know it's easy said than took so many decades for the current bill to see some daylight.. if a proactive mechanism has to come in place it would easily take a quarter century or more...

so people before extending your support to the anti-corruption movement...first convince your conscience that you would never involve in any corrupt activities at least in future..


  1. I agree...first we need to change. We all are corrupt, we have been involved in some or the other unethical act in our life.

  2. hey dude, not seeing you oft around the indi forum? hume bhul gaye kya?? :P

    interestingly i am not paying any heed to all of this as of now as there is too much of a hippollaa around in politics..

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