Monday, March 28, 2011

Dream - a cure

The last few days my mind has been totally so felt like I have forgotten everything in my life..I had just memories of the last 3 months and literally couldnt remember what happened before that....whatever I think of..whatever I dreamt was constrained to all that I had gone through the last 3 months..

Amidst this internal chaos...I had met with a road accident a 2 weeks an absent minded state was driving my bike..could have been fatal.. but GOD has been kind to me..I've managed with few bruises n blood clots,dint bother me much..somehow the mental pain has takenover the physical pain...

Last night I had a dream in which I was in my 12th really helped me refresh my memories..the grind I went through preparing for IIT...the tension..the passion..the strength..the kick in life..the zeal to prove my that tender age I used to feel that I was born to prove big things..
Really wondering how weaker I've ecome now...not anymore... should thank my sub-conscious mind to have stored those memories and brought back exactly the moment when I really needed it...

Now I say... even this day has to go..


  1. Sure, these are just mere strengtheners.

  2. kya kahu?
    take care friend...God speaks thru our sub-conscious...u r a spirited youth who is born to do great things:)

    in my 12th std, i was scared to face another day!!

  3. just saw that i'm third in ur list of top commentators!!!

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