Sunday, April 04, 2010

A new beginning

Now I become the proud alumnus of IIM Calcutta.


  1. All the best yaar!
    hows u?

    how's G3 yaar?

  2. Wow.. I dint expect any comment.. I thgt my blog is almost I still have some ppl following me :)

    @G3 Thank u :)..u r now a celebrity in the blog world

    @Vinnie I am doing r u? I did visit ur blog many days back but cldnt read any post..I guess u made it a private blog

  3. hey vinnie i m fine, hw r u? missing u a lot and birdy plz celebrity bulake chada mat...u r the celebrity yaar...AN IIM C kaa alumnus...there can't be anything more prestigious than this.


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