Wednesday, April 07, 2010

About me

As an attempt to get off the writer's block I post this blog with all the testimonials some of the dear ones have written to me. My sincere suggestion to the readers, please read the disclaimer towards end of the post
A naughty boy.Always cheerful and lively in demeanour,he brings life in to the gatherings. keep that smile always and let surroundings be well lit always!.
-Gali Sreedhar
He is one of the best guys I’ve come across during my stay here……He is quite hardworking and sincere…..He is also a good sportsman……He would always be there when you would need his help……He is also very intelligent and also very humble…..Thus, he is a friend you would not want to miss
-Sarkar Raja Shantiranjan
I hated him for his attitude initially… took me a while to break the ice!! but liked him more and more as I got to know him better. One person, whom I think I can confide in… anything!! A real nice guy... stands by his word …come what may … analyses ppl in the very first meet… thought I was head strong :x … I tried to understand the depth of his looks ... but failed miserably... Not to forget … Obsessed with his photographs… U will find him in every other photograph … I wud rather call him Mr. Photo :P One of the three kumars …like musketeers..hehehehh.. one of my very gud friends on campus… Wish u a gr8 future ahead!
-Amara Geeta Madhuri
I am extremely thankful to you and I really salute your honesty.In my opinion you are true example of honesty in otherwise selfish and greedy world. I will meet you some time in next few days. Once again thank you very much.
-Prof.Sanjeeth Singh :)
On my Birthday
Happy birthday To a gréât finance student and an expert on Monte Carlo option pricing !
-Prof.Tarek Amyuni
our man AKA GULT superstar of Joka, you are one of the best brains around but rather a better friend. You are Smart and great at making people comfortable with you. I am sure everyone of us will remember you for your incessant smiling face and awesome hockey skills.. Keep Smiling.. Hope the best for your future!! Best of luck!!
-Prerak Vohra
Me and he went on many tours on exchange program and hence share some wonderful memories togather. Did I mentioned that hee taught me the greatest art of all, cooking. We have been to some really mindblowing places ;). Although he is 4 years elder to me, he always tried to be a good friend and advisor. Always helps a person in need and is always responsible about his career and his relations. And the first one to get the job in my fren's circle. Hope you will be happy forever.
-Sai Venkatesh
The OGIEC is actually kind of an introvert who likes to keep matters to himself and shares information only with people he wants to and when he wants to. :) An enterprising athlete - good at long distance running, hockey and football and my mentor at sports in IIMC. His last minute injury almost forced him to opt out of STEP but I am glad he came through. We had an amazing time on STEP together.. with the road trip in Greece and the pizza land adventure being the high points of my eurotrip. His cooking skills are exemplary and I was treated to a multitude of Biryanis when I was craving for Indian food on STEP.

Though being a slacker at studies, I could manage a good set of grades due to his tutoring at the last minute before exams. A fin-enthusiast, his summers in Bangalore must have been satisfying both on his professional and personal levels. His non-platonic endeavours with the fairer-sex both in and outside the college have been a constant topic of discussion among us. Except when it comes to sports, he is a lazy bum with any outbound activity and is the only person I know who has slept in every movie we have gone to watch in a theatre. Obviously this testimonial is for the sake of writing a testimonial and I know we'll be in touch all along and hope to laugh about this in the distant future.
-Swadheen Shukla
Disclaimer: This is from my side, dont rely totally on the above testimonials..each one of those is the individual's opinion

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