Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Learn some Etiquettes

Like any other day I was very busy reading the tweets I follow and posting some interesting links. Thats when this post by a person @harry_jerry caught my attention. The whole transcript follows.

harry_jerry:-RT @unitechy: basturrd politicians.. can't even solve load shedding problems. all they know is to fuck the country. assholes!!!!
Me:- @harry_jerry sorry to say sir, that wasnt a gr8 comment to RTed, when we hav many listening to us i think a decorum has to be maintained
Me:- @harry_jerry well u may say unfollow,which is a click away,I think in public forum things have to be kept subtly and politically correct way

harry_jerry:- @just08in get a life! If u're looking for decorum you're in the wrong place, try a classroom instead! @unitechy made a true point there!
Me:- @harry_jerry wow.wat an insightful point and u were enlightened by that. where were u living all these years?? in woods??.GOD bless u

harry_jerry:- @just08in huh! If you disagree with @unitechy's point there then you're the one living in the woods or you're some NRI brat!
Me:- @harry_jerry well dude read my point again, I nvr disagreed with anything, I said point can be put subtly and in a way everyone appreciates
Me:- @harry_jerry anyway i dont care now, cos am no more following u..so let peace prevail!.. good luck!
harry_jerry:- @just08in you should've done that in the first place, instead of trying to be the 'class monitor' here! Good luck to you too!

The end.. dint want to continue anymore..It is very true that "Every fool finds a greater one to admire them."

I followed him thinking he was an interesting person from his blog but I dont want to follow someone who has no view point of his own and seconds some silly comment of a "girl" just to get some yays!. Personally, I've nothing against him.

And would like to quote a Jewish quote here "Don't approach a goat from the front, a horse from the back, or a fool from any side."

My Take:-
There are many occasions where we get really frustrated and we tend to swear on others or things. But when we are in public we should understand that we are bound by some rules. When there are many people of different age groups and backgrounds listening to you, you got to keep in mind the right usage of words.
I was watching the videos of MTV MTV Splitsvilla and MTV Roadies in which the participants are given well scripted dialogues with all types of swear words. I was shocked when I saw that. The participants are very well aware that they are being shot and aired. In all their senses they fake the emotions and blurt out the mugged up dialogues. It so seems like using swear words is the "in-thing" and it sells thats what MTV has proved.
My suggestion to people who can't control their emotions if you want to express things in our own try it in your blog or in your home. May be your parents will be proud of your vocabulary.
I want to buy this Tee shirt and show it to all those people who are facing this problem, I think we should coin a new term for this disorder something in the lines of dyslexia. Readers please do the required.

Thats all!

PS:- I hope I've maintained my dignity throughout!.


  1. I completely agree with you on the point that we need to mind our language in public forums. I only believe in one thing - If you feel ashamed saying something in front of your parents or children, then you should never utter it.

    I am ok with people using swear words in frustration because I came to understand that it's the only way for many people, I wonder why though. But using foul language just to show themselves to be "cool" is just not done! It sucks and shows that they had a very sad upbringing.

  2. Just like 'a line of thought' said...even i have never understood the foul language:coolness relation. Yes we do tend to swear when we are frustrated but there needs to be some amount of decorum maintained.

  3. never approach a fool from any side.. no wonder i am still single


  4. hey Bala...u have been too kind throughout! maybe we need some twitter moderators ??

    dont watch MTV reality shows - they misinterpret n mislead the youth...but i can watch since i am The Objective Observer!

    Chriz is funny here too:-)

    u take care...do twitter too!

  5. ah ha ha! I loved every word of what you wrote... and an apt word to describe those kinda people - FOOLS! MTV, the less said about its shows the better... they keep ridiculin saas bahu dramas when actually, all they do is, dish out the same with younger characters playin similar avataars.. I just got inspire to write more about such things.. thank you so much :)

  6. interestingly, one such incident happened with me too,and guess the other person involved- the same harry_jerry. i ended up unfollowing him for similar reasons. good post, keep it up!


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