Sunday, May 03, 2009


I was challenged by my Guru to explain the respiratory system with a neat labelled diagram. Thats when the doodle came to handy!. Thank you.. Yahoo!
I hope it's very clear to all my readers. Any doubts!! please don't hesitate.

The next one is a real masterpiece! I don't want to take the whole credit for that. Another artist friend of mine was also involved :)

Ok I know what you'all would be thinking now. Yes am jobless :)


  1. hahaha that respiratory system was too u actually drew it...applause applause to my student!

  2. lolz.. been ages since i last used yahoo :D

  3. hehhehee!
    this reminded me of so many love chats..doodle se moonlit sky with stars vagaira..phir moon draw kiya..then we drew ourselves sitting on the hills watching the sky:)
    vaise, u r an artistic doubt about that!

  4. wow irealy likeu anni chadhivanu simply superb


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