Saturday, February 28, 2009

Shakespeare - reloaded

After reading Gayathri's comment I thought over this for sometime, hence this addendum.

I think this is some kind of an advertising strategy.

Now let say you saw a banner, written in the similar style like the one in the picture, outside a tailor shop. You would laugh at that banner but the next time you need to visit a tailor then don't you think this tailor would come to ur mind first. You visiting the place or not is secondary but the recall is what actually matters when we advertise. Even if a small portion of people who visit the tailor among those who recall, I think the advertising pays off. In most of theses cases the cost of advertising is negligible. Thats why sometimes I feel people deliberately write it like that.

The underlying assumption here is you wont attribute his english vocab skills to his tailoring skills. As they both are disparate. This applies to almost all businesses except to coaching centers. I've seen a lot of hoardings of spoken english coaching centers, wonder what they teach.

What do you think of this analysis?


  1. LOL I simply loved this. There are many such banners that I have seen (some are tutorials) that write in this manner. Once when I tried correcting a shopkeeper, he said madam angrezi jaise bhi ho...message toh samajh aata hain naa. Bas

  2. Great analysis :)
    Never thought this way till now.

    I 'll try this for my future businesses.
    lolz not for any coaching centers though!

  3. hmmm. interesting analysis... yes the message gets across to the intended market... Loud and Clear.. but is this a deliberate ploy??? I still don't think so...

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