Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Points to be kept in mind while quitting

Never ever trust people at work, specially the person who benefits from you.He will be only looking for his advantage.People exploit you for their own benefit.

There is no place for friendship in office.Its professional life so let it be like that.

Dont get emotional at all.Just think how you will get benfitted from some one/thing because everyone else thinks that way.

Be careful when you send out mails because they may be used against you also.

Dont ever confirm in mails, it might be risky at times, but always get confirmations through mail only.

Being frank always helps you.Dont ever try to hide something and put a false reason which you cant defend yourself.

Before convincing some one first learn to convince yourself.

There will be many who talk softly with you as if you are their closest friend when they need some work to be done by you but when that is done they go back to their normal mode of back stabbing.They think they are ultra-cool managers.

A very important thing is get yourself clear with policies of company.This will help you always, because ignorance is suicidal in this case.


  1. "but always get confirmations through mail only."

    This is so true...Happened with me..I got some instructions on phone that screwed up our project and later my manager refused to accept giving me any instructions like dat..
    Next time ..I asked him on mail and saved his reply..Again the same issue happened and he started shouting at me in front of rest project members...So I just opened my mail and showed it to evone right there...You should have looked at his face!!I have never ever felt so proud of myself!!:-)

    guess...rules are same at all workplaces!!!

  2. even I experienced this,

    I actually put my papers down last month and few days back I told my boss that am plannin to take back my resignation provided I get into a particular proj.Then at that moment he was cool and agreed for it. Then later the next day he told no it's bit difficult to go for this project due to some Org structure and then suggested me some other proj ,I was not fine for this then the next day I went to him and told him that I am not goin to take back my resignation, then came the shock of my life, He told me you have taken back ur resignation right and u were willin to continue here.I had no words for a second. Then I remembered that I never confirmed this by mail to him. so reminded him the same for which he had no answer. I realised the importance of mails.

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  5. Hi,

    This is very true I too faced the same problems in my previous corporate company.
    I trusted my colleagues and was good to them in turn got back stabbing from them.
    There is no place for friendship in office.Its professional life.



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