Saturday, April 12, 2008

Cricket,Profit from it.

Cricket has become a buzzword oflate so this is what I’ve got to say about this sick sport.
6 days to go for IPL, many people are eager to watch this,but am not one of them.
cricket is never my cup of tea. I hate the ads in between every over and even the fastest version of cricket I feel is very slow.I prefer to watch just highlights.

In the last few days the attitude BCCI has shown pictures them as villains. Starting IPL as a reply to ICL,commercialsing the game and banning other media people in covering the facts.BCCI started IPL as a response to Essar backed ICL lead by Kapil. Till then there was no concept like this.

Why do we need IPL?
In IPL almost all players are the ones who are already representing their nations. So this is a bonus to them. Rich cricketers are becoming more richer. The gap between rich and poor is widening further :O.I read an article in TOI ,It seems our hockey and football players get 1000 a day whereas our cricketers get around a lakh during match days. so much difference :O

I feel ICL is doing a better job, They don’t have big players like those in IPL but they are doing some justice by encouraging budding cricketers and all those people whose lives got ruined because of politics.
But whatever may be the case cricket in recent times has got a lot of change in India.Our middle class families, who normally don’t take up sports as a career, can think of taking up cricket as a career in realizing their dreams.
But there are some disadvantages cos of the new forms of cricket
People will forget Ranji and Duleep trophies( till now people know atleast there exists something like that)
For other sports like Football ,Hockey which always faced step motherly treatment now the situation will be come still worse. No one will take up them as career as cricket is more lucrative
During cricket matches the productivity of people goes down(match time+post-mortem+predictions+highlights), now with this new IPL, we get more cricket more people waste a lot of time.

But why cricket?
Now the problem with other sports like Football and hockey.
It takes more money for playing the other sports. whereas cricket on other hand is played everywhere cos all you need is a ball and a bat.In football and hockey you need shoes,shin guard which are very important part of the sports.Next important thing is space. people play cricket even in rooms.
Finally cricket as they say is gentleman sport, in footer and hockey you may need to charge on some one,a lot of physical strength needed,which in general we Indians lack when compared to westerners. so all these add up to the interest in playing the sport. whenever a group of friends meet up they play cricket. Even in companies most of them tend to play cricket as it is not that tiring. We have TV channels dedicated for cricket. At times cricket is shown in almost all sports channels. Now people watch even U-19 matches ,thanks to our tv channels.
Now the other sports don’t receive funds from corporate, as well as lack encouragement from govt, because of which they don’t perform that well in the international arena, now again because they dont perform well they don’t get encouragement. Recent disaster in Hockey India didn’t qualify in Olympics.. So it becomes a vicious circle. If this continues then there will be no takers for the other sports. Already many people are dropping out. Viren Rasquinha left hockey for MBA.. may be it is his hidden desire. But definitely our current scenario of sports would have encouraged him to look out for alternate career.
The other sports should be encouraged at all levels. I mean schools, colleges, companies and societies. Govt should guarantee jobs and provide financial support both to the players and the boards.

New aspect of cricket
Cricket was religion a few years back now it is business. The day will come when the cricket clubs will be listed on NSE. Already we have new businessmen like Shahrukh and Preity Zinta who started this and many new ones joining them like Mithun Chakraborthy,Juhi Chawla,Akshay Kumar etc.Shahrukh publically stated that he is purely into business. These people are not interested in doing some good.They are just interested in the ROI.

With the clubs being named after cities this could create regionalism among people effecting national integrity
Ricky Ponting will practice more with Ishant :D who has been a surprise package in the last Australian series and it will become more difficult for Ishant to take his wicket unlike in that series.

Cricket and me
Personally i hate cricket not because of any of the above reasons. I am a terrible batsman. I can never connect the ball with the bat. Always touches by fluke . And when I go for bowling the batsmen break records. I always preferred to play football and hockey. Readers I take this as an opportunity to tell you all that I represented my college in Athletics and was a long distance runner.

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