Thursday, December 03, 2015

2015 - Retrospect chap1

As we inch towards the year 2016, I feel it's good to look back the year 2015 and ponder over the things I had done, so comes this post as the first chap. (This is also a good reason to pour some content on to the blog, which has been on hibernation mode for quite long :P) On other note, it also gives me an opportunity to share stories of what kept me engaged outside the blog.

This apart I had participated in a 5k race on 5th of July 2015, for which I have not clicked any pic.

The timings for each of the races are,
  • 10k - Feb'15 - 1Hr 27 min
  • 5k - Jul'15 - 21 min
  • 21k - Aug'15 - 2Hr 45min
  • 5k - Oct'15 - Not timed
  • 10k - Nov'15 - 55min
I am looking forward for more such races in 2016 :) and would like to do 10k in 45mins and half marathon in 2hrs.


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