Thursday, March 05, 2009

Chalo Sikkim!!

I've just one more exam to go and that is Strategic Management. This is one course I really liked and I believe I've learnt to some extent. God knows will I ever get chance to implement all those I learnt.

Tomorrow evening we are leaving to Sikkim, an adventure trip :). Actually the plan was to go even to Bhutan but some one said it's difficult to cover Bhutan within 6 days so temporarily dropped the plan, We'll see if we can make that also :)

I didnt tell about this trip to my parents cos they would spoil my trip by calling me every now and then asking my whereabouts. I just told them that I've some work so will come once that's done.
I hope we have a safe trip and come back home in one piece, incase I dont update my blog by 14th of this month you may safely assume that I'm lost in Sikkim and yeah this reminds me of the the series "I shouldn't be alive" in Discovery channel.


  1. strategic management.. hmmm I'm studying that as part of my PD course, this last sem of engg.... MAN! the teacher makes it so theoretical.. it's actually boring!

    Sikkim sounds like a cool plan... have a nice time, and bring back lotsa good pictures ;) I'm off for a vacation too.. home it is! till we write again.. tada!

    P.S. : I'm not that regular at reading blogs... so u'll keep getting the comment showers every once in a while for me! ;)

  2. Blog not updated... Does that mean you are dead? R.I.P. in Sikkim.


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