Monday, September 15, 2008

The Great Recession

Two major recruiters vanished on one fine day.
No one ever thought this could happen.
One is a 158 yr old and the other 94yr old, both of them went through the 2 major world wars,the great depression,9/11 etc, finally gave up in this recession period.

Who knows history may label this period as the Great Recession period.

A lot of people had dreams to get into these companies till yesterday.Now people are scared about their future.
I see risks for me in both short term and long term. In short term as a trader and long term as a prospective Ibanker.

Last night, dow crash was worse than 9/11 :O


  1. can I use the image of the 2008 recession on my facebook group?

  2. Hey Anon, frankly speaking I dont own the picture, I quoted the source with the weblink,
    yes you may use


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