Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Siddiqs and Habibis Ma-as-salamah

My trip back to India was really tiring...
Left Riyadh at 11:40 am..reached Bahrain at 1:00pm... and then had to wait for 9 hrs...
..reached mumbai at 4:00 am..
I was lil scared about customs as i had gold and some electronic stuff with me,none of them packed..but nothing happened...actually I thought it would take atleast 1-2 hrs to come outside.. but it all happened in just 15-20 mins..
then took 8 'o' clck flight to Hyderabad..Jet surprising thing was almost everyone had a laptop with them...

finally reached home at 10:00 am... so almost 20 hrs... but the time difference is just 2.5 hrs...a direct flight wld take just 4 hrs... but this month being vacation time at saudi..almost all flights are over booked..

tomorrow evening again leavin to mumbai...have to work from there...
I hate mumbai...I hate the place i work ...both place and the work.. :(

have a look at the link i posted at the title...

Two things am most worried about is
1) Markets -(going up everyday,am praying for a big crash)
2) Preparation for CAT - (haven't started my prep yet)


  1. Hey abt ur office goofup u posted on pagalguy .. I think he was just having a bad day at office .. C'mon he cannot say he has no skeletons in his closet just cuz he found urs (too defensive I know .. but still) and DUH' didnt he know they always prep for cat during office hours... raising the travel request that was so mean... sorry mann u had to be the outlet for his venting .. shit happens!!
    and ATB for CAT

  2. hey Anon,... you should be a pagal.. :) Thanks a lot buddy.... and yes i wish u ATB... for ur Gmat or CAT....
    take care

  3. hey nobs...ATB for your CAT prep!!

  4. hey nobs...enni rojulu aindi nuvvu kotha post chesi..junta waiting

  5. hey nobs!! long time ra. ela unnav? nice blog... keep updating

  6. at least you had a safe trip!

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  7. Hey... Long time... Where are you?? :)

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