Sunday, August 07, 2005

This weekend update!!

Hmmm again one more Mock Cat.....ok its the same old story !...
today Megsi,Bhar and myself went to Prasads IMAX...My cant believe that Hyd has so many Babes!!...fullly crowded..its so crowded that if u swing ur both arms defenitely will touch one female..:-> reason is Sunday and the other reason is Friendship day....I seriously dont know ....what is the significance of this Friendship day..i dont believe in this friendship day,valentine's day...uncle'day..why are there special days for every one...Why do u need someday to show ur love towards some one....Its preposterous..:))...ok end to this boring topic.....
we played our fav.. foosball..and time pass....
Megsi is leaving to US this more into the NRI's senti after a long time......All these days we used to freak out together...
.............So what else..i got the CAT application so it reminds me that i need to work hard from now on atleast...
this time am applying to all A grade schools..IIMs,SP,XL,FMS and IIFT...thats all if i dont make it ...then will take CAt again next year(what perseverance!!!)...or will GMAT this time for a change...:)


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I was glad to hear from you.
    And, likewise-- I will stop back by.

  2. Hey. Thanks for stopping by and the comment x

    Oh, thy hand is getting better, but then I make the mistake of thinking its ok to do lots of things with it now - and oh, i hurt it more! Silly me!

    Great blog you have here btw.

    Be back soon. Take care. x

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