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Bigg Boss Telugu 2

This is a franchise of Big Brother, aired on Star Maa India. I never watched the English or Hindi version of this and was never keen to. It was after Jr. NTR anchoring the show, I started watching the show. I really like his oration and presence of mind. I used to watch only the weekend shows.
With similar expectation have started watching the BiggBoss season 2, thanks to Hotstar I watch at my leisure. This one is hosted by natural star, Nani. He has been improving week over week and I feel on the whole he is good.

Everyone feels that first season is a lot better than second, even I feel so. It is not just about the host, but it is more about the contestants. May be in the pursuit to add more masala, they are spoiling the whole dish.

The following is my take on the contestants of the 2nd season, having watched over 40 episodes
Covering only those left till date (as of episode 41)

Babu Gogineni:
"Man of words but no action"

Gives an impression that he is superior over others and man of his self, but somehow feels he craves for association and follower ship. He has created his own followers in the group by occasionally approving of the actions of his followers. In fact Nutan Naidu is also of similar mentality because of which Babu was totally against him.
He is the only one who laughs more on his jokes. Many times when we laughs, keep wondering whether that was a joke.

Not much, but I think he understands the tactics of tasks quickly.

Deepthi Nallmothu:
"Confused between right and wrong"

Her desperation level is so evident, for ex: in the task where she and Ganesh were hand cuffed
She tries to portray an image that she is a people person, and is very good to everyone but it is only she goes to the nomination point her true colors come out. She is missing the important point that her survival in the show is the courtesy of audience and not the housemates. While housemates may push max her to nomination. Basically she is not a person she think she is.

She has high energy levels are high and involves actively in all tasks

Nandini Rai:

"All that glitters is not gold"

She had many sorry moments in the show, once it was with Bhanu and soon she will have with Kaushal. She isn't as innocent as she sounds, her cunning nature is coming out when she feels that she has a group supporting her in the house. Her presence doesn't really makes an impact, so I feel she is the least deserving contestant in the house

Good looks. People may like different accent

" Perfect blend of innocence & ignorance"

He is fake, when he is showing his performance at the gym area. He should try to behave the way he would be when he is with friends. His communication skill is also poor, may not be a negative for being a contestant, but having selected amongst the lakhs of applications I dont think he is a true representation of general public. He is so ignorant that the other contestants literally are taking him for ride, specially Babu makes fun of him, which I dont like. May be the biggboss management team feels that common man means should be someone who is stupid in front of celebrities.

He tries his best for activities. He is genuine

"Over enthusiastic, over emotional, overactive"

While he may not agree to but he is part of the sub-group dancing to the tunes of some.
While it is not wrong to have aspiration, but he showed his fickle mindedness when was given the task to give up captaincy task and bandana. In isolation he seems to be a good person, but he gets very easily influenced.

He was a good captain and very energetic. Entertains during the tasks as well.
Roll Rida:
"Mass max rap star"

Not much in specific, nothing which lingers for a long period. Except to the one instance he ruins the patch up between Nandini and Bhanu, but then once in a while mistakes happen.

He doesnt give the impression that he is a celebrity, very down to earth. He tries maximum possible to avoid conflicts. Very sportive and hence most of the contestants are comfortable with him. He will be one of the finalists in this season for sure

Deepthi Sunaina: 
"Immaturity forever"

Just because she is younger by age in the team, doesnt mean she expect people to pamper here. Despite Nani warning her on this, her attitude remains same. She is definitely an odd one in the group. Her facial expressions and antics are big turn off. Her baby talk is so irritating, I fast forward the video when her drama starts.

She is cute. Dances well. May be having good follower-ship from her dubsmash.

Tanish Alladi:
"Biggboss has become his life setter, matchmaker"

Too much focus on Deepthi Sunaina, making it difficult for viewers to see his romance. May be he is doing his to add masala to the program. Definitely am sure regular audience is not prepared to see that.

Very active in all tasks. He is a leader by thoughts and doesnt need someone to assign him the title

"Terror in the house"

She is loud mouthed, speaks without thinking much because of which falters many times.
Her arrogance in body language sometimes irritates even the viewers. She seems to have done her home work well on how to handle this competition. Very influential and manipulative in the house. She knows that Geetha and Kaushal are strong contenders hence doesnt like both of them. Managing the rest of the house by her tactics. Her dressing sense may be her personal choice but again considering the average audience, may not really go well. This is the last thing someone looking for masala will want from her.
Active participant and definitely talented. Takes most of the air time. Good dancer.
A strong contender for finals, if she controls her tongue else people will knock her down

Samrat Reddy:
"Hutch dog on weekdays and selfie stick on weekends"

He has no identity of self, despite several warnings from Nani he goes on to play his own way like a dog's tail never straightens. He is very easily manipulated by Teju and Babu.
It is very irritating to see his baby talk and also over romance with Teju.

Active participant in tasks.

Geetha Madhuri:
"Straight forward and no-nonsense"

Basically I am a person who cant stand baby talk by older people. I dont like this overaction in her.

She is very sensible in her opinion and thoughts and doesnt get involved as much as possible in controversies. One of a strong contenders for the finalists.

"One man army"


He is strong by mind, however there would be times when someone gets insecure and because of this reason he tries to find a friend in the house. It is definitely a difficult thing to go through where you dont have anyone who treats as friend, and people make fun behind you. Tejaswini group will never invite him in their discussions. It is very disheartening to see the whole house leaving Kaushal behind and involving in their fun activities. When Pradeep told him about what message Kaushal's wife gave him. Kaushal got emotional, that shows he is feeling lonely in that place. Despite all hardships he never used to lose his cool. I think there is a lot to learn from him. He is very active in all tasks and very much prepared mentally to go long way

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