Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Airtel Team - A bunch of liars

Dear Airtel team,

Who is accountable for the lies the customer care personnel utters?
You don’t have any respect to the customer's time, not atleast going by ARPU value.

My mobile was stolen on Saturday, I tried to get some help form you people which was only a futile attempt.

I had requested for a duplicate SIM yesterday evening and have been told to approach the Airtel shop and was told that the SIM will be activated immediately but SMSes will take 24 hrs. While your trailing email from Nodal officer tells that the SMSs will be barred for 48 hrs. It was a lady, I spoke to and I dont remember the name.
That was Lie#1.

Then I take time from my office to visit your Airtel shop, Madhapur, Hyderabad, drive down there (the fuel doesnt come free). Stand in a line while your front office personnel takes his own sweet time to look at me and address my issue. I have applied for the duplicate Sim with all required documentation (passport copy and photograph). The person name "Chandrakanth" gives me the sim card telling it will be activated in “maximum” 4 hrs. The time the request was taken was 3:34pm. This was a lie which I realized at 8:00pm today evening.
That was Lie#2

Then I callup the 121, after a long discussion with the person(lady) who told me that the SIM given to me was wrong one, and I have to go to your Airtel shop tomorrow to collect a new Sim. So do you think I should take that with a chill pill?. Understand I am irritated to the core. Later she forwarded the call to her supervisor, "Subhash SP". He clarified that the SIM given to me it is correct one and there is no mistake in that. So the lady who spoke to me was lying to me.
That was Lie#3

Now Subhash, promises to me that within "45mins to 1hr" (play back the recorded call, if that was not the exact words told by him, sue me any amount) my sim will get activated. So I told him that I will call back in 1 hr. I waited till 9:30 pm, to only realise that it was one hell of a lie.
That was Lie#4

Then I call back again to 121, this time one male personnel of yours picked up the call and when I questioned him on you people failing to meet your promises, he answers to me saying "Govt promises 24 hrs power supply, but will it happen". Is this the justification you people give to customers. I am paying every month around 2000 from my pocket just for the mobile service, you are not doing some free service to me.

He later forwarded the call to his supervisor " Shankar Raja". This person tells me that it takes maximum 4 hrs to complete the SIM swap, since it didn’t happen he is escalating it now, now after escalating it takes 8 more hrs to close. Now who on this earth are you trying satisfy by using the word "escalate". When you escalate the action should happen immediately and definitely it should take lesser time than it was originally promised. He clarifies to me saying that it will not happen today but only tomorrow. Now will this be Lie#5 or should I be happy that it is not going to be lie#5, then who is accountable for the 4 lies which were uttered by you people.

Just because you can get away with a lie you go to any extent. Why dont you penalise the people who lied to me and compensate me by waiving of my one month bill. Let the person uttering a lie know that his/her lies dont come free. I dont know whom to trust in Airtel, the customer care of 121, the front office of Airtel Shop or the nodal officer of Airtel.

Now who is going to compensate me for this mental agony and the loss of my productive time due to your failure in providing the promised service?

Now please for GOD sake, Dont write up the standard template email reply to this saying, you value the feedback and blah blah.
Reply to the context like a human being and not like a machine replying automatically.


Wonder if Sunil Mittal can answer this query of mine.
Dear Sunil Mittal, this for you,
May be he is targetting Airtel to be loved brand only till 2015, anyways after that with the blatant lies of the staff it will not be anymore. Thanks to Mobile number Portability, we have an escape.

An Irate Customer


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