Thursday, March 13, 2014

its Mangoes Season

Dont get me wrong by the title of the post...Everyone is eager to ride the common(Aam - Mango) man these days...

When AAP flashed their candidates profiles on their website before Delhi Elections, I was so really impressed by the sober and clean  profiles , felt it was a new beginning for Indian politics but it didnt take much time to prove that it was the same old stuff in a new packing.

I'd wholeheartedly support them even if they lose by not having celebrities.
Now Gul Panag is in the race...Will not wonder if AAP ropes in the fantastic four.. to join the sure they'll also be interested in volunteering...
Rakhi Sawant Sunny Leone Poonam Pandey Sherlyn Chopra

Only GOD can save us..

Disclaimer : Dont mistake me to be a sexist/male chauvinist/anti-Kejriwal/pro-any TDH party...but am anti-hypocrite.

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